Karen Gillan

My first venture with gray toned paper. I love the effect it gives with dark and white pencil. I feel, if done right, I could possibly get a more realistic 3D effect. I still have a lot of practice to do with it though, and I’ll get a chance because I’m out of my normal white drawing paper.

Sadly this is an instance where the actual drawing looks way better in real life than this photo.


I’m sure there are a lot of Doctor Who fans out there who would recognize Karen Gillan here. She plays my favorite companion, Amy Pond. Yes, my favorite is her, not Rose, like everyone else.

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Hello! I got to do a drawing and it was so fun. I missed it so much. I chose one of my favorite actresses, Cate Blanchett. Congrats to her on her lead actress Oscar. Well deserved.


This was done on 11×14 drawing paper (the drawing’s about 8×10). No grid necessary. HB-8B pencil. Kneaded eraser. I have no idea how long I spent on it. Source picture came from Entertainment Weekly from a couple months ago.

What’s your favorite Cate movie/performance? My favorite movie she’s in is The Lord of the Rings, because I’m a nerd. My favorite performance from her is Elizabeth.

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Reason For Blog Neglect

I’ve been absent for a while now. Here’s why.20140207-101231.jpg

My husband and I recently welcomed our 2nd child. We couldn’t be happier. The pregnancy took a toll on me emotionally so drawing wasn’t something I wanted to do. But I’m feeling 110% better so hopefully I’ll figure out a routine soon that will include drawing time. In the mean time, I’ve got 2 kiddos to love on.

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Sean Connery

I wanted to work on a portrait of an older person with wrinkles. I had found this picture of Sean Connery a few months back and thought it was pretty cool. I think it’s an unused promo picture for League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.


This one took a while. About 17 hours total. I drew this on Bristol vellum paper. HB-8B pencil used.

I hope the wrinkles look good. On DeviantArt there are a lot of excellent portraits where artist make wrinkles beautiful. But there are just as many, if not more, where the face just looks dirty with wrinkles. I hope mine is more of the former.

What’s your favorite Sean Connery movie/performance? My favorite is Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

I hope you enjoy this one. I really enjoyed drawing it.

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Leonardo DiCaprio

How can we ladies not fall for the baby-face of Leo DiCaprio? This drawing was particularly challenging because I had a hard time not making him look so young. I wanted him to look more Howard Hughes age and less Arnie Grape age (I think the source picture was taken when he was nominated for his Oscar for The Aviator). With a trim here and deeper shadows there, I think I finally got him out of the Jack Dawson look.


11×14, 2B-6B pencil, tortillon, tissue, 8 hours.

The first thing I worked on was the hair. For some reason it was important to me for it to look good this time.

What’s your favorite Leo movie? Hard for me to say. It might be Inception or Catch Me If You Can, or even Titanic (says my 15 year old self).

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Meryl Streep

I’ve decided that I don’t like doing black backgrounds. I have a hard time making them work. But here is Meryl Streep.


It’s about an 8×11 drawing. HB-9B pencil used. About 8 hours to complete.

Maybe next time I won’t do a completely black background, but I was just going off the source picture which is an Herb Ritts photo from 1998.

Is it possible to pick the best or even a favorite Meryl Streep movie? I can’t choose, she’s too amazing in everything.

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One Year Later

Hello! It’s been a while and I’ll explain in a moment. But first, Happy Anniversary to my blog! One year ago I started this blog so I can have a designated space to talk about my drawings, old and new. I honestly didn’t expect more than some family members to read it but I currently have 67 followers! Thank you so much for that! It feels good for a learning artist like me to know that people are actually seeing my stuff and care to see more.

When I realized the one year mark was coming up I decided to redraw the first drawing I finished after starting this blog which was this one.Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

I wanted to show that I had improved in my craft over the year so here you go, the new and improved Downton Abbey Sisters.DowntonAbbeySisNew

I will need to get a better picture of this drawing at some point. It’s a little blurry.

A little side by side comparison.DowntonComp

I would say that there are definite improvements. The faces are closer likenesses, shading is improved, better detailing, even more contrast. Did I improve on lace? Heck no! Lace is awful.

I was going to add some background to the new one, but decided not to so it would be a clearer comparing drawing.

So I have improved this year! Yay! Now for the reason for no updates in a couple months. Well, I think it was a mix of lack of motivation and being overwhelmed. I currently have 7 uncompleted drawings hanging around. SEVEN! I’ve started all of them over the past 3-4 months. I think they’re looking good and for some reason I lose interest in it and stop. The Downton Abbey was first completed drawing since Uma Thurman, and that was in May! I’ll have to figure something out to get me really motivated again.

Anyways. Thanks again for reading this blog. I appreciate the support. I promise (mostly to myself) to keep updating and improving.

Keep Drawing!

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