Work in Progress: Hugh Jackman in Color

Here is my first portrait in full color. I’m making some progress, but it’s a long road. First, I’m not confident in color yet, so I’m going slower. Plus, I’ve been busier these days with my kids, so I haven’t had much chance time to work on stuff.


I hope everyone likes what they see here. Although it’s my first try, I hope it’s not a disaster. I’m trying to go light to avoid over layering on the paper. I’m nervous about the hair. We’ll see how it goes.

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Now in Technicolor!

I’ve finally taken the leap and tried out the colored pencil medium. I looked up a couple of tutorials and started with something small, the nose. This is Daniel Craig’s nose. It was the clearest picture I had.


I had fun doing this little exercise. I used 9 colors, well 7 really, the white and cream were used to burnish the colors together.  I think my experience with black and white drawings helped with this because I was able to determine where more contrast was needed to make it more realistic. I know it’s not perfect but it was a first try and I will definitely try this again.

Keep drawing!

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Completed: Lily Elsie

Here is the completed drawing of Edwardian era actress, Lily Elsie. I found the source picture on Pinterest and thought it was pretty. I think it took me 8 hours to complete but about 2 weeks because of kids and stuff. It was fun to do, and it’s only 5×7 inches.


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Work in Progress: Going Vintage Again


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A Side, B Side, Geek Side

My husband has a YouTube podcast of sorts call A Side, B Side, Geek Side. He interviewed me a few weeks ago about my drawings and I wanted to share that interview here. It really shows how much I know about actual art; not much.

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Steps to Shailene Woodley

I wanted to film a speed drawing but my first attempt didn’t work out so I took pictures of each major step here.

Light outline with HB mechanical pencil

With 2B pencil fill in face with flat mid tone and smooth out with a tissue.

Still with 2B, add some dark areas around features.

Continue adding dark and erasing for lighter tones using a 4B pencil and kneaded eraser.

Start hair with mid tones with 4B.

Add dark areas of hair with 6B pencil and erase lighter areas with kneaded eraser and mechanical eraser.

When I’m somewhat satisfied with the head I move on the arms with the same mid tones with 2B.

Start detailing hands and work down the arms with my 4B.

Almost done. I’ll use a 6B on the shirt seen.

After some finishing touches here and there, usually adding contrast and making sure dark areas are actually dark, which is one of weaknesses, I have a completed portrait.


I hope this showed clearly somewhat what my process is, right now. I hope to get that speed drawing done next. Thanks for reading!

As always, Keep Drawing!

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Another Sunday Quickie: Vintage Charcoal

I surprised even myself with this one. It took me about an hour to complete, not counting laying out the grid I used. So much fun to do.

I competed the hair by using the side of a charcoal stick and making the hair shapes, smoothing it out, and adding in simple details with an eraser and white charcoal. I’m going to try another drawing soon using these techniques to make sure it wasn’t a fluke.

Keep Drawing!

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